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And now for something completely different:
The dreaded about page.
Who or what is Idigina?
Is any one person simply the sum of their parts?
Are we not more than an enumeration of what we do and say?

My full name is Alexander Jeffrey Meijer, but in day to day life, people call me Alex. Online, I prefer to hide by either the Idigina, NightLock, or Locke monikers.

My daily life consists mostly of studying IT (though my studies are currently in dire straits), listening to music, reading pop-science, writing, gaming and thinking about all those things.

My fields of interest include Software Engineering, Software Architecture, History, Sumer, (Particle) Physics, Astronomy, Philosophy, Music, and story telling in all it’s forms.

I am often depressed. I am apparently under the impression that I have to do everything by myself or it won’t count. I often feel unworthy, unwanted and superfluous. I have a severe case of Sleep Apnoea, but the treatment is almost as bad so I rarely use it, wrecking my health.

Humans are idiots. Democracy doesn’t work. We need individual treatment of students. Religion is generally silly as long as it stays in the home. Religion is scary as soon as it becomes more than simple, personal empowerment. Science Literacy is the most important thing we have to teach to children. Science is the best thing humanity has ever done. Music is the second best thing humanity has ever done. Story telling is behind everything humanity ever does. Story telling is what sets us apart. To be human, is to tell a story.

I can be contacted via E-mail (, MSN ( or Skype-chat (idigina84). You can try to send snail mail, carrier pigeons, burglars, explosive devices or anthrax to any number of Dutch addresses but chances are, it wasn’t me.

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